Annual Conference on Engineering and Applied Science
Green Technology and Environment Sustainability
In the present scenario, green technologies are playing significant role in changing the course of nation’s economic growth towards sustainability and providing an alternative socio-economic model that will enable present and future generations to live in a clean and healthy environment, in harmony with nature. Green technology, which is also known as clean technology, refers to the development and extension of processes, practices, and applications that improve or replace the existing technologies facilitating society to meet their own needs while substantially decreasing the impact of human on the planet, and reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. The concepts of Green Technologies, if endorsed and pervaded into the lives of all societies, will keep the environment intact and improve it for the civilization to survive.
Our over-consumption of the Earth's resources makes multiple crises. Recognizing that sustainable economic development is closely tied to the ability of the country to move to a low carbon climate resilient development pathway, Governments committed to find the balance between Environmental Protection and Economic Development. There is no denying that Green Technologies and Environment Sustainability will be the trend and the direction to work hard. The field of Green Technologies encompasses a continuously evolving group of methods and materials, from techniques for generating energy to sustainable construction.
Highlight Tracks
-Energy Harvesting Technology
-Green Chemical Engineering
-Sustainability and Green Design
-Green Environmental Engineering
-Green Construction
-Low Carbon City
Scientific Sessions
-Applied Science
-Computer & Information Engineering
-Material Science Engineering
-Mechanical Engineering & Technology
-Civil Engineeringg
-Chemical Engineeringg
-Biological Engineeringg
-Environmental Science
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