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One Day Tour in Uji

Dec 17, 2019  9AM-6PM

Uji is a small city located in the south of Kyoto. Uji was historically developed as the center of transportation with main streets to connect Kyoto and Nara. Most visitors are attracted to Uji for its centuries-old historic sites, which include many Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. Among the most famous is Byodoin, the part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto". In Uji, the experience activity you couldn't miss out is Japanese tea ceremony, also called the Way of Tea, involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of Matcha.

ACEAT Conference brings you to Uji to taste Matcha(Japanese green tea) and explore Uji's charms.



Delegates: USD 110
Accompanying Person: USD 130

★Tour Registration Deadline: Oct 13, 2019
No on-site registration, please make a reservation in advance.

What do the Participation fee include?

Inclusion: Lunch, Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience, Tickets, Transportation
Exclusion: Breakfast, Dinner, Personal Expenses (ex. Shopping)


1. The conference committee holds the right to readjust or reschedule the itinerary due to weather, traffic, and irresistible reasons.
2. Please arrive 5-10 mins earlier for gathering. No refund is possible when delegates miss the tour bus.
3. We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes without luggage.

4. Participants should follow the tour guide’s instructions. Tour guide and Conference are not responsible for participants’ leave without notice and personal activities. The tour bus won’t wait for any personal excuse.

Refund & Cancellation
If participants cancel the tour for personal reasons, it is unable to get fully refund for cancellation. Please contact us for any inquiry by Email to

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